Welcome to Diaspar.org! I’m Dave Park and this is my personal blog. I am a geek at heart and I love science and technology.

For those who have read the book The City and the Stars by Arthur C. Clarke, you will easily know where the name of my blog is coming from.

Diaspar is the name of the marvelous futuristic city in Clarke’s 1956 novel. The book is more than 60 years old, but the technology that permeates the city is still beyond our grasp.

Yes, I would love to live in such a city where humans are finally free to spend their time however they please in this post-scarcity society, with countless robots and a super advanced AI taking care of their well-being and their every desire. Being virtually immortal is also a nice perk for Diaspar’s residents.

I am a very optimistic person, and I believe we will achieve this level of technology within the next 2-3 decades thanks to the ever-accelerating pace of technological change.

With a bit of luck, I will live to see a much better world where scientific and technological progress have completely conquered death and decay.

In the meantime, I earnestly recommend you to read The City and the Stars.

The City and the Stars by Arthur C Clarke