Ever cheaper solar energy and products

If you followed the news recently on this topic you may have read titles like these:

Unsubsidized wind and solar now the cheapest source for new electric power

Solar Could Beat Coal to Become the Cheapest Power on Earth

I am a big believer in solar energy, and I am convinced that we will be able to rely on solar power for most, if not all, of our energy needs within a couple of decades. The reign of oil and gas will finally end. Obviously, we will need to develop better and affordable batteries to truly benefit from cheap solar energy.

I was checking Amazon.com, and I saw that solar-related products are quite popular now that the prices went down and quality went up these last few years as far as I can tell.

This is now summer time so if you are looking for a solar panel that can charge your smartphone or tablet while you are camping in the wild, I do recommend the solar chargers from Anker like this one below. These foldable solar panels very well designed for outdoor use.

Anker Solar Charger

I would also get one of these solar lanterns for camping from Suaoki for less than $20.

Suaoki Solar Lantern for CampingI am personally more interested in solar-powered lighting products such as these best-selling solar lights from URPOWER. This company has a whole range of outdoor lights below $40 that are well reviewed by customers.

You can check on Amazon these URPOWER in-ground solar lights

URPOWER In-Ground Solar Lights

…and their solar motion sensor lights sold in pack of 4.

URPOWER Solar Motion Sensor Lights