Solar panels are now cheaper and getting more efficient

I was particularly impressed by Tesla’s recent new offering: solar panels that blend very well with rooftops. Obviously, you would need to pair these solar panels with good rechargeable batteries to store all the energy produced. In my previous article, I discussed this particular energy storage issue, and I am confident that Tesla will be successful here as well.

The bigger news is that solar panels are getting cheaper than ever according to the latest news. Furthermore, researchers improved the efficiency of solar cells to more than 26% this year. We are now approaching the theoretical maximum efficiency of 29%!

For those who just want to enjoy the falling prices and make use of solar panels without spending thousands of dollars, cheap solar panels can be found for less than $150 on Amazon. For instance, you have below these small 12v solar panels from Renogy that are very popular with RV owners among others.

Renogy Small 12v Solar Panel

Renogy is also selling small solar panel kits for less than $200 with an upgraded charge controller. People new to solar should find these cheap DIY kits good enough for a first purchase.

Renogy Small 12v Solar Panel Kit